1. Metric & More Update

    The Scientific Meal Planner has been updated to support the metric system! There is now a user settings section where you can activate using the metric system (gear icon near 'Create Meal Plan'). I've added an 'ingredient list' on each recipe card (the carrot icon) which allows you to see the recipe ingredients before visiting the link. It is here that, if you've activated the m...

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  2. Calorie Control Update

    Hello everyone! It's been about a month since I launched the app and the response has been incredible. As of today, we've reached over 1,100 users! Not bad. I've gotten tons of supportive emails and ya'll seem to enjoy what I'm up to. Thanks for the kind words and ideas, they inspire me to keep going!One thing I heard quite often though was something along the lines ...

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  3. Launch & First Dev Log Video

    Hello and welcome to the first of many dev logs for The Scientific Meal Planner! My name is Daniel, and I’m the developer. Today I'm excited to reveal The Scientific Meal Planner to world. I hope you enjoy it. Check out the introduction video: ...

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