Hi, my name is Dan and I'm the founder & developer of The Scientific Meal Planner. I've been interested in science since a young age. In college I studied biology and the plan was to become a researcher. Along the way I discovered programming and that became my main interest. Surprisingly, not a single piece of nutritional information was covered during my biology education and it wasn't until I happened upon nutritionfacts.org years later that I realized where the science was pointing.

I checked into the papers myself and became convinced. It was shocking to me that knowledge so important could be hidden in plain sight. To this day, most of the population doesn't seem to understand the proven benefits of a whole food plant based diet. I decided to apply the best available scientific evidence to my diet.

This led me to trying to eat the daily dozen myself on a regular basis. Naturally, it's a bit of a challenge to plan meals in a way such that the daily dozen is satisfied. I wondered whether I could automate the process and that's where The Scientific Meal Planner was born. I found the idea compelling enough to quit my job and dedicate myself to developing it full time.

By applying the best available scientific information to a meal planning algorithm, I hope to help people live longer, healthier lives. Eating this way is also much easier on the enviroment than the traditional western diet. In fact, there literally isn't enough land on the planet to support the dietary patterns of the average American. Our habits must change to ensure a habitable future on this planet. As humanity faces ecological disasters of our own making, I found inspiration in making something that could at least be a small part of the solution.

The purpose of The Scientific Meal Planner is to automate the lessons of nutrition science so that the average person can reap the benefits of that knowledge without becoming an expert themselves. We intend to keep on top of the latest science and make The Scientific Meal Planner the definitive resource for evidence based meal planning. I hope to make this my life's work. Consider subscribing to premium and supporting my mission. Thank you.