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The purpose of The Scientific Meal Planner is to accelerate the adoption of healthy diets. By providing a tool that distills the lessons of nutrition science into a meal planning algorithm, we provide a method for the average person to reap the benefits of that knowledge, without becoming a nutrition science expert themselves.

As more people eat this way, the healthcare burden on society is reduced as rates of lifestyle disease fall. Healthy diets also happen to be far more sustainable ecologically speaking as well.

The Scientific Meal Planner offers a totally free version to the public as our attempt to make a dent in these problems and improve the world. Our goal is to remain on top of the science, continuously improving our algorithm to incorporate even more nutrition science principles. It's an ongoing project, check out what we're currently working on here.

The free version offers everything you need to eat healthy. Nothing is held back in terms of the science. Upgrade to Premium to unlock more convenience features including detailed nutrient breakdowns, automatically generated shopping lists, a calorie control system, and recipe replacement functionality. Your subscription enables us to keep on top of the science and continue to provide the best science backed meal planning resource to the world for free, something we feel is essential.

We believe in fostering the growth of the whole food plant based community, and supporting the recipe creators that supply our meal plans is an essential part of that. And so half of all premium subscription revenue goes directly to our recipe creator partners. This subscription supports the whole food plant based recipe creator community as well as The Scientific Meal Planner and helps us continue educating the public about the proven benefits of a whole food plant based diet. Thanks for supporting our work!