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Introducing The Scientific Meal Planner

An algorithm that uses the recommendations of nutrition science to generate optimally balanced meal plans for health and longevity

Perfectly Balanced

The meal plan generation algorithm is based on the recommendations of nutritionfacts.org's "Daily dozen" food groups that should be incorporated into your diet daily. Beans, berries, fruits, cruciferious vegetables, greens, other vegetables, nuts, grains - all in the meal plan - all in the perfect amounts to ensure optimal nutrition - every day. For the details, check out how it works.

Committed to Scientific Integrity

The health and diet space is notorious for its hucksters and snake oil salesmen. Here we are dedicated to following the science. We only incorporate things into our meal plan generation algorithm which are backed by strong science. Citations are provided throughout the app for any claims we make.

Whole Food Plant Based

The science indicates that a diet low in meat & animal products, high in fruits and vegetables is best for health promotion and longevity. Our algorithm reflects that. See nutritionfacts.org if you want to educate yourself on the science.

Recipes From Across the Internet

We seek out the healthiest recipes from across the internet, enter their ingredients into our database, and use that to generate our meal plans. So we're telling you what to cook, how much, and when - but linking you out to the actual recipe creator's website for instruction. We stick to the algorithm and let the great cooking minds of the internet do the rest.

Nutrient Data (Premium)

See a full nutrient breakdown for every day of the meal plan, down to every single ingredient (if you'd like). We pull data from Food Data Central.

Calorie Control (Premium)

Set a calorie range and get a meal plan where each day meets your caloric goals.

Shopping Lists (Premium)

Automatically generate a shopping list telling you everything you need for your meal plan.

Continually Updated

The algorithm is continually improved as new science becomes available. This is a long term commitment for us. See the dev log and trello for the latest.

Minimalist Prepper Mode

Don't have the time to cook everyday? OK with eating the same meals each day? We've got a mode for that. Simply choose how many people you're cooking for and how many days the meal plan should cover. Hit generate, and get a perfect meal plan where you cook everything on day one.

Daily Cook Mode

Have a bit more time on your hands? In our daily cook mode, you cook a single recipe each night, eat that same recipe for lunch the next day, and the cycle begins anew.