Metric & More Update

The Scientific Meal Planner has been updated to support the metric system! There is now a user settings section where you can activate using the metric system (gear icon near 'Create Meal Plan'). 

I've added an 'ingredient list' on each recipe card (the carrot icon) which allows you to see the recipe ingredients before visiting the link. It is here that, if you've activated the metric system, you will see the ingredients displayed as metric. While the actual recipe website may not be in metric, you can compare the converted metric ingredient list to the actual recipe. The shopping list will also convert to metric.

There's also a lot of behind the scenes changes, most notably, I've implemented a system to detect 'dead' recipe links (recipes that have since gone offline or been moved) and take them out of circulation. So running into broken links shouldn't be an issue going forward.

No vlog video for this update, planning to get back into it next week where I plan to get snacks working!

Finally I'd just like to encourage ya'll to eat healthy during these difficult times! There is evidence that a healthy diet boosts immune function, and we could all use a boost right now.

Thanks for your support!